The Hole in Newton’s Bucket

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The Hole in Newton’s Bucket
« on: 13/01/2013 00:54:07 »
Newton's Bucket thought experiment:

Newton's bucket experiment was intended to show that space is a 'thing' because it's possible to have spin in an otherwise empty universe.

I have read various versions of Newton’s bucket argument and every version in which the bucket could have spin in an otherwise empty universe is predicated on logical fallacy. They all depend upon and violate conservation of spin. Newton updated the model replacing the bucket of water with 2 rocks attached to each other by rope. That makes it easier to visualize but does nothing to fix the core problem.

If you have an object in an empty universe, there is nothing to impart spin. Either you violate conservation of spin by having the object spontaneously start spinning, or you have to posit that it was already spinning. If you presume it’s already spinning then you have assumed the conclusion in the premise, making the entire argument meaningless.

You have to violate Newton's laws of motion to get his experiment to work.