why does wet weather affect arthritis?

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why does wet weather affect arthritis?
« on: 27/01/2013 19:55:29 »
Why does arthritis pain get worse in wet weather? And joints swell up more?


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Re: why does wet weather affect arthritis?
« Reply #1 on: 28/01/2013 22:28:56 »
Most scientific studies seem to indicate no connection between temperature, rain, or barometric pressure and arthritis.  Although, this article does discuss some possible weak connections between the two.

One suggestion is that lowering the barometric pressure causes less outside pressure on the joints, and thus causes swelling, although the evidence for such a thing is weak.

I would think that a person would likely do best with moderate activity.  Not too strenuous, but also not too little.  Keep the joints moving a bit.  Plus, your muscles such as calf muscles help the return movement of blood, and as well as fluid in the lymph system.

It is quite possible that many people experience a change in activity levels between summer and winter.  And, the lower winter activity levels cause more joint pain.  And, a lack of movement might, in fact, cause swelling.