Does a diet of processed foods lead to heart disease due to low magnesium?

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The current processed food diet that is common in the U.S. is made from foods that are low in magnesium as well as other crucial nutrients. This is due to losses during processing and because of reduced magnesium levels in wheat and vegetables.

Legumes and nuts are rich in magnesium (Mg), however the processed food diet rarely includes these two foods. Attempting to avoid calories and fats to prevent heart disease, people often eliminate nuts from their diet, even though they contain healthy fats and a large source of Mg.

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I wonder if a binary complement will appear shortly...
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Last time I checked,there was a magnesium ion at the centre of every chlorophyll molecule.
So, all green veg contains Mg.
There's not that much difference between me and a cow, so the meat I eat must have roughly the same % magnesium in that my body has.

Other than boiling veg and throwing away the water, I can't think of any "processing" of food that would or could reduce the magnesium concentration.
Even boiled vg is still generally green so at least some of the Mg is still there.
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Magnesium and Calcium are considered "healthy for the bones".  And, calcium can be constipating, magnesium a laxative.  So, if a person takes one as a supplement, it isn't a bad idea to take both.