Can Edinburgh scientists use 3D printing to produce stem cells?

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Edinburgh scientists use 3D printing to produce stem cells BBC News

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I would say the title is quite misleading.
The stem cells are, of course, cultured.
The 3-D printing is used to arrange the stem cells into a matrix.

While they could potentially print out a kidney shaped object, they obviously have more work to force differentiation of the cells into the desired cell lines, and to make the end product fully functional.

Potentially one could print out already differentiated cells, into a 3D matrix, perhaps placing individual cells or cell clusters where they are desired.  Or, with stem cells, print out the cells along with enzymes to force the proper differentiation.

For a 3-D organ. 
How much time between printing, and needing blood flow?  Keeping it cold would help, of course.  But, one would need to print out things like vasculature.  Perhaps a strong bioabsorbable matrix that the cells would grow into.
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