Discuss: Addicted to Love?

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Discuss: Addicted to Love?
« on: 22/02/2013 14:03:59 »
What happens when you fall into, and out of, love? We get to the bottom of the cuddle hormone oxytocin and find out if the contraceptive pill is good for relationships. And we navigate our way around a fruit flies brain to find out how pheromones make them in the mating mood. Plus, well explore if its scientifically possible, and even ethical, to bring on love in humans.
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Vaibhav Jain

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« Reply #1 on: 22/02/2013 19:04:46 »
I'm fascinated by my behavior! What is the chemistry behind Self- Love?


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Re: Discuss: Addicted to Love?
« Reply #2 on: 24/02/2013 10:50:00 »
If only I had known that sweaty apples were a sign of love...perhaps a new scent for underarm deodorants?  Great show Hannah - interesting array of speakers and topics.  Seems that Robert Palmer had it nailed with 'Addicted to Love'.