Dingo urine a 'magic repellent'

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Dingo urine a 'magic repellent'
« on: 03/07/2006 22:55:11 »
Australian researchers say they have discovered a new repellent that can help with everything from rehabilitating old mine sites to reducing the amount of roadkill. It's dingo urine.

Researchers at Curtin University have been startled by the effectiveness of urine from Australia's wild dogs in scaring off kangaroos which chew through areas of new-growth vegetation.

The university's Michael Parsons said the discovery could have important applications in helping to re-establish plant life on old mine sites by repelling kangaroos.

Researchers looked at the effectiveness of chemicals found in the urine of dingoes and non-native predators like coyotes.

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Re: Dingo urine a 'magic repellent'
« Reply #1 on: 05/07/2006 16:47:18 »
Tiger dung has also been used for this purpose:-

This is peculiar if it works in Australia, where there are no tigers.
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