How does hormone tracking work?

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How does hormone tracking work?
« on: 04/07/2006 14:45:05 »
hello, i'm very confused about hormone tracking for fertility. for 6 months i've been using the billings method to track my ovulation. to confirm my calculations i've asked my gyno to do do blood hormone testing. has she is currently overseas her nurse has started the tracking and she is confusing me with the results. On Friday she seemed to think I was going to be ovualting saturday. Fridays results where: LH was only 5 U/L and my E'diol 500 pmol/L. According to the billings method I wasn't ovulation on sat, I also did a home ovuation test= negativ. I took another test on Monday: LH 8 U/L E'diol 1000 pmol/L, when I rang the nurse to get my result to confirm I was closer to ovulation today, she told me NO, I was in fact ovulation Saturday?! I was under the impression that LH had to be higher at ovulation? Pls can you help me???
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