What creates water vapor at temperatures other than the boiling point?

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 A student said the following sentence water changers into steam only during boiling at 100 c if not, what is the name of the process for water to change into steam except boiling and state two daily life situations where we can see this process
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Evaporation. Drying clothes and cloud formation

Uanna. Although I answered these questions, and may even have got some correct (!), they sound remarably like homework or exam questions. If this is so, it would be better if you found the answers yourself so as to learn rather than taking a short cut via this website :-)


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As Graham said, you can discuss problems you have with understanding certain problems, but don't expect someone else to do all the work for you.  You learn best by trying to find the answer yourself.

Also, please don't cross-post your messages into several subforums.

Look up vapor pressures and partial pressures.

"boiling" is a special case where the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to 1 ATM.

If you increase the pressure in the vessel (a pressure cooker), the boiling point (the point where the vapor pressure is equal to the ambient pressure) increases.

If you decrease the pressure (vacuum chamber), you decrease the boiling point.

Evaporation, such as what happens when you sweat, requires energy, and thus cools the remaining solution.  If you go to a humid area, you will find that the more vapor in the atmosphere, the less evaporates from your solution (sweat).