Is a career in science/technology right for me?

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Is a career in science/technology right for me?
« on: 04/03/2013 15:08:48 »
Well, no, its not for me, I'm a bit too long in the tooth to change my career now, or at least I would be if I could only find my teeth. Where did I put them?

Putting on my best exhibition hat, let me tell you that
The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair
will be on at London's ExCeL Exhibition Centre from 14th - 17th March 2013.

There will be various activities, workshops, theatre shows and interactive stands as well as competitions and career advice.

Best of all, its
Click on the above links for more information.

Now I must sit down and calm myself. EEeeeeouch! I've just found my teeth!
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