To what extent does neuroplasticity improve us by?

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What I have recently come across is a few articles on a new discovery that neuroscientists have uncovered which made them realise that intelligence is more malleable than we thought and it is not as dependant on our parents genes as we thought.
 However, what is failed to be mentioned in all of these articles is the extent to which it occurs and how much control we really have over our intelligence. Basically, how much we can improve it by.
 What I want to know is if anyone has any knowledge on this topic and knows perhaps the extent to which neuroplasticity can occur whether by research or, even better, personal experience.
 I know there have been feats such as someone being born will only one hemisphere and learning all the functions of the missing hemisphere etc. but I want to know how perfectly healthy individuals can improve their cognitive function through neuroplasticity.


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Re: To what extent does neuroplasticity improve us by?
« Reply #1 on: 17/03/2013 02:20:09 »
I know an elderly lady (over 90 years old) who had a stroke last year.
In the weeks following the stroke, you could only understand an isolated word or phrase that she spoke
Now, after intense speech therapy and a lot of practice, her speech is almost back to normal clarity.
I see that as an example of neuroplasticity, to relearn an important function that was virtually destroyed by the stroke.