Gravitational Location and Gravitational Resonance

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”.Making the Roman Rod will provide you with a really working Gravity locator.
This is the actual Physical Radiesthesia. The achievements of the ancient geology explorers will be yours.
Be sure that you do not need any kind of extra sensorial abilities, in order to compose the device.
The locator functions on the basis of the gravity interaction and the Gravity resonance.
Do not waste your time with all types of mental tools used by the contemporary radiesthesists.
This is a “Twilight Zone”... ”

From book - /The Roman Rod/ Secrets of Physical Radiesthesia

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In this book is revealed the secret of the Roman Rod (Roman Cane).
Here you can find the laws of the antique Physical Radiesthesia, the construction of the device (original and modified) and the methodology for the exploration.
It has been cleared that the contemporary radiesthesia is mental and mixed, but not physical. It is not based on the gravity interaction and is distant from the principles and the achievements of the antique Physical Radiesthesia.
Here, for the first time is presented information about the Gravitational location and the Gravitational resonance.
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