induced coma

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induced coma
« on: 09/11/2003 01:20:57 »
my friend was in the middle of his final exams for high school when he was hit by a car. he has been in an induced coma for about a week now, but i thank God he has stabilised and is on the road to recovery. i was just wondering what its like for someone in a coma, and what the best thing is to do for them? i have heard that ppl can hear everything and remember what is going on, and wanted to know if this is the case for a drug induced coma. any help would be much anticipated. thanks


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Re: induced coma
« Reply #1 on: 09/11/2003 07:21:33 »
Used to work in an ICU and we had lots of patients in comas, some traumatically induced and some medicinally induced.  they'd get better and we'd transfer them to the wards.  Occasionally they'd come back and see us before discharge.  Never had one yet remember anything about their ICU experience.  They do react on an unconscious level to bedside conversation, but I haven't had one yet with any conscious recall of their comatose experience.