A solution for Climate Change

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A solution for Climate Change
« on: 26/03/2013 17:35:15 »
 In my opinion

We need to replace the fossil fuel power plants, the primary source of GHG. Now!

At a scale required to accomplish this task :

Ethanol starves people : not a viable option.

Fracking releases methane : not a viable option.

Cellulose Bio Fuel Uses Food Land : not a viable option

Solar uses food land : Not a viable option

Wind is Intermittent : Not a viable option

All Human and Agricultural Organic Waste can be converted to hydrogen, through exposure intense radiation!

newbielink:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/DennisearlBaker/2012-a-breakthrough-for-r_b_1263543_135881292.html [nonactive]

The Radioactive Materials exist now, and the Organic waste is renewable daily.

Ending the practice of dumping sewage into our water sources.

Air, Water, Food and Energy issues, receive significant positive impacts .

Reducing illness / health care costs as well !

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Re: A solution for Climate Change
« Reply #1 on: 26/03/2013 18:05:37 »
I have a solution... if your feet are cold wear a hat.  :o)

Sorry for the joke, but it's very cold here.
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Re: A solution for Climate Change
« Reply #2 on: 17/04/2013 11:35:15 »
It would take a very strong radiation source to deprotonate all of the waste from a large municipality.  Perhaps greater than building nuke plants to provide all the power needs for the municipality. 

There is also a risk of radioactivity transfer in which contact with a strong radioactive source causes the material in contact with the radioactive source to also become radioactive.  I'm not quite certain how this process works, but when you deprotonate your waste, you would still be left with oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and a number of other elements.  The radiation could potentially cause nuclear changes in these elements rendering them radioactive. 

And thus, one would end up with a far greater waste problem than the one that one set out to resolve.


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Re: A solution for Climate Change
« Reply #3 on: 18/04/2013 15:05:40 »
Trying to scare the sh* out of me are we :)
there are no 'final solutions'

every time humans went for it it ended in disaster. better to use what we know to work, freely limit our population, and make the future a place to live in for our descendants. We can try for the best not bomb making solutions of nuclear, but not as the 'final solution' please :)
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Re: A solution for Climate Change
« Reply #4 on: 02/05/2013 00:30:24 »
There would be no energy/food/global crisis if there were less people period. so if we were to lower the population to 1 100th its total then it would save the 1% and their children for countless generations until we have to do it again. it wouldn't be hard if you made a lot of deadly, fast spreading illnesses then breed them through anti biotic filtering in-order to get antibiotic resistance then release them all at one time wile still making more as they find cures. you could genetically alter already existing viruses too.  you would have to be pretty darn "evil" to do that though.  the best part is that viruses kill indiscriminately so if you were to lower the population that would be the best way to do it.