Can brain scanners decode dreams?

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Can brain scanners decode dreams?
« on: 05/04/2013 09:07:21 »
The content of dreams can be decoded and visualised with a brain scanner...

Read the whole story on our website by clicking here

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Re: Can brain scanners decode dreams?
« Reply #1 on: 09/04/2013 20:03:26 »
One clarification we should make here is that the researchers are looking at a very specific sort of "dream" - the so-called hypnagogic hallucinations that we experience as we fall asleep. These are slightly different from the more complex narrative-based dreams that develop as the period of sleep progresses. Nevertheless, this shows that were the researchers to study this phase of sleep, they presumably would be able to decode the visual experiences occurring then too.

It amazes me that, were you to tell someone ten years ago that we'd be able to "read" a person's dreams today they'd tell you that you were the one dreaming. Now we can.

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