"Invisiblility" From meta-materials to meta-molecules

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Invisibility, hide by bending light around you so that you may never loose at hide and seek ever again ;)

The current view on this technology deals with "Meta-materials" which is really quite a simple concept. A meta-material is a material that has tiny "Resonators" in a grid all over it. The smaller the resonators the higher frequency light you can bend, its that simple without getting into photon physics.

Scientists can make these resonators on the nano scale in much the same way they can print nano circuits on to silicon which i think is around 50 to 100nm for each pattern but the problem with this approach is they cant make resonators nearly small enough to bend visible light, the highest level light that they can bend is only microwaves and radio waves. if you do the math in order to bend visible light you
would need resonators just 3-5 nm small. it would be very difficult to carve hundreds of thousands of these onto something big for a human to wear instead I propose a simpler, easier and faster method of creating perfectly tiny resonators
to bend visible light.

Sculpt conductive molecules in the shape of resonators. I don't quite know what molecules you would need are or even if its possible to geometrically produce such structures, plus they would have to grid line up in a crystal latis, I think it is possible but you would need to be a wizard of a chemist to figure it out. if you Google meta resonators you'll see that the patters are really simple like, X or C shaped.
I wonder if the structures made-up of molecules will have the same effect as nano resonators or something else or even if it will have an effect at all :-\

thats were you come in, give some good old fashion opinions, questions, corrections and thoughts so that this topic can get a running start.


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Re: "Invisiblility" From meta-materials to meta-molecules
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Butterfly wings contains 'pits' than enhance color and the addition of 'quantum dots' makes up the concept of bending light.  Since they can't go any smaller is the answer to reflect the light back and forth in a maze which has the effect of 'hiding' the light?