Do cats and dogs like farty meats?

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Do cats and dogs like farty meats?
« on: 07/04/2013 23:55:26 »
I have noticed cat food smells like fart. Dog food also, but a bit different. I think the pet food companies discerned their taste and preferences. In the wild they eat the whole prey, bowels and all, and never clean their mouths.

Pet food companies must have tested lamb... bowels, to find the chemical that produces the smell our pets like.

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Re: Cats and dogs like farty meats.
« Reply #1 on: 08/04/2013 17:51:10 »
Hmmm, I have to agree with you that cat food smells awful and sets like cement when left in the bowl.

Now you might ask "How does he know that? He hasn't even got a cat!"

Times is 'ard.....
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Re: Do cats and dogs like farty meats?
« Reply #2 on: 09/04/2013 11:22:03 »
I feed a lot of fresh meat to my dogs and cats.  Check your cat tins.  Often they contain grain, which cats can't digest.  It's filler that provides nothing but bulk. I feed nograin biscuits, and 3 types of meat, plus heart, etc.  My cats won't touch the extruded mush in the majority of tinned food. Once they eat quality, you'll find they only ate it because it was all you offered. If you can introduce chicken necks or wings early enough, they will eat them, which is great for keeping teeth clean.  Some places will mince bone in with the flesh, to provide better nutrition.  Remember NO COOKED BONES.  Many cats LOVE heart, which you can buy cheaply, and great for a few meals a week.  I'm in Australia, but if you go to the English 'Pet Forum' site, go to cat section and enquire about raw feeding, best quality tinned and how to get best prices, they will be very happy to help you.  They have done all the research, are all over Britain, plus some Ozzies and Yanks, and can tell you best quality/value, best and most reliable suppliers of fresh...  (Apart from local butcher).  I changed some years ago, but can see the difference in the cats.

If you aren't English, they can at least tell you what to order.  There is a very experienced Dutch cat owner on the forum, and a couple of Eng ex pats living in France. Perhaps some other countries.
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