Why are most deserts on the western sides of continents?

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Chethana Saligram  asked the Naked Scientists:
I'am Chethana Saligram from Bangalore, India. I am a student studying in 10th standard.

My question is as follows:-

Why most of the world's deserts are located in the western margins of continents in the subtropics?

I would like the Naked Scientists to help me with this question.

Thank you.

What do you think?
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Re: Why are most deserts on the western sides of continents?
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The winds in the subtropics & tropics flow west to east. for rain, these winds need to rise. As the air rises it cannot hold as much water and this falls as rain. If there are coastal ranges, as in middle and northern California, the area just beyond them is very wet. The San Juaquine Valley in Ca, Is the result. It produces much of the vegetables eaten in the US
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