Is $100 million enough for brain research?

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Is $100 million enough for brain research?
« on: 08/04/2013 15:05:19 »
Obama announces $100 million to map the brain - but is this enough to fulfill this lofty dream?

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Re: Is $100 million enough for brain research?
« Reply #1 on: 10/04/2013 07:07:53 »
It seems to me that there has been ongoing experimental psychology, neurology, neuropsychology, and neurobiology research for the better part of a century.

A lot of the research is in fact funded by the government through government and military grants. 

This $100 Million promise seems ill defined with the goals, and it could likely get gobbled up very quickly.

How expensive is a fMRI machine?  A PET scanner?  What about the development of the next generation of MRI machine?

There is, of course, research into normal brain functioning, as well as pathology.

I could imagine a thin slice project to map all the axons and dendrites in cadaver brains, but even seeing all of the connections within a brain may not show how it works without also understanding attention, memory, and plasticity, and how the brain dynamically changes.

This is being compared to the human genome project which mapped most of the human genes in a couple of decades, but still is working on understanding many aspects of genetics, and pathology, and certainly the genetic basis if fetal development would involve ongoing research. 

The "brain project", should be considered as a progressive ongoing project over at least the next century. 

Let's see.
Divide $100 Million by a century...   Hmmm...   how expensive are slide rules?