Slavery in a depressed economy?

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Slavery in a depressed economy?
« on: 20/04/2013 07:28:44 »
If the economy does not recover, for decades, and if the economy goes into depression, this could lead to prostitution and the rise of the existing slavery businesses to dangerous degrees of resistance to the police, NGOs and popularity and profitability giving them the business strength of the Mafia in it's greatest days of strength. Police on a budget, armed criminals with cash. Could this happen, or do the police have the upper hand?

Human trafficking has been on the rise for years, and now I think outdoes gun and drug trafficking. It once mainly effected Moldovans and the FSU and Thailand... but could take grip enough to pick out the weaker women in such as UK society and even simply abduct the most attractive girls on their way home from university for example.

Look at the figures of missing persons in your country and such as Hungary and the numbers are badly large.

I heard of bad fates for young orphan girls in Australia before, twins sold at a high price, and more recently a Tasmanian girl who was in the wrong hands, age 12, and her guardians sold her to hundreds of men before police took action. She is trying to get on with her life now. But there are ruthless people, and there is a market. The new slavery has foot hold and may get stronger. What can be done?