financial aid for dental work

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financial aid for dental work
« on: 21/04/2013 15:24:30 »
I need some help and don't know who to ask or how to search for this. MassHealth (aka Medicaid) won't pay for almost anything anymore so I'm in a good deal of need for financial aid for dental work. Being disabled and having been unemployed before that my I can't get loans for dental work and even if I did I couldn't afford to pay them back anyway. Can someone please help me search for this kind of assitance. Some ideas would be nice. Thanks.


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Re: financial aid for dental work
« Reply #1 on: 21/04/2013 23:55:17 »
you need to check in Mass. Here in Texas it is the same.  I Too, Am disabled; by my arthritis. Just get on the phone to social service persons.
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