Study: Stem-cell sperm produce offspring

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Study: Stem-cell sperm produce offspring
« on: 11/07/2006 12:58:42 »
British and German scientists have demonstrated sperm grown from embryonic stem cells can be used to produce offspring.

The experiment was carried out using mice and produced seven babies, six of which lived to adulthood.

The breakthrough will reportedly help scientists understand more about how animals produce sperm, with resulting knowledge having potential applications in the treatment of male infertility.

Newcastle University Professor of Stem Cell Biology Karim Nayernia led the research while at Georg-August University in Gottingen, Germany, with Professor Wolfgang Engel and colleagues from Germany and the United Kingdom.

Stem cells have the potential to develop into any tissue type in the body and could, therefore, be used to develop a wide range of medical therapies.

The study, funded by the University of Gottingen and the Germany Research Council, is reported in the journal Developmental Cell.

11/07/2006  United Press International

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Re: Study: Stem-cell sperm produce offspring
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