Force fields

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Force fields
« on: 23/04/2013 00:33:37 »
Ah yes, the classic energy shields in both science fiction and fantasy fiction, to have a bubble that protects you form most any attack it sounds quite useful for any battle. I'll bet that the military would give anything for something like that and I would too, that's a bad-ass technology worthy of a powerful sorcerer or a space warriors arsenal.

But how could it become a reality and not just something in a book? I have looked into what scientists of today are doing to make such a thing.  Check out this link that could be the basis of potential force fields in the future.

Don't think that the machine in the video is very complex all the machine dose is produce a solar wind and a simple magnet can deflect this solar wind. This type of magnetic force field could be useful for space travel but what about deflecting bullets?  As it turns out bullets are diamagnetic which means that it is conductive and when it moves at high speed through a magnetic field it generates electricity and a diamagnetic field, if you had a strong enough ferromagnetic field around you then you could deflect bullets, but the power you would need to deflect bullets is redonklous making it impractical. but then again I would think that a force-field would be more complex then just a strong magnet.

I have an idea using 3 things to make a force field, and here's my theory on that. Part one involves the use of a supercooled superconductor coil locked in protestant mode and charged up with electricity to make perpetual electric motion in-order make a strong diamagnetic field without heat and with only a little power consumption.  It gets charged by wireless transmission of electricity from a copper pancake coil.

If you don't know what a superconductor is then I will explain. A superconductor is a perfectly conductive material that only works if it is super cold, about 77k.  It has no resistance, a ring of this stuff will allow electricity to go around forever in perpetual electric motion which generates a diamagnetic field without anymore power consumption.  It is simply a sort of permanent diamagnet. Don't think that you could power a motor forever with this kind of perpetual motion it doesn't work like that.

Anyway part 2 involves a big neodymium magnet to encase the coil to turn that diamagnetic field into a ferromagnetic sort of electromagnet from the perpetual magnet coil mentioned earlier, its like making a powerful electromagnet without the need for electricity. You can make this magnet smaller and more powerful then any other method because of how powerfully you can charge the superconductor.

lets recap, all this machine uses is a superconductor coil with its end wires connected
and charged with electricity from a simple copper pancake coil both are encased in a neodymium box, that's it. this is strapped on your back or on a car or tank

now for part 3 an electric field, now the magnetic field around you will have a north pole in-front of you and the south pole behind you.  A negitve electric field is generated on your chest and a positive one on your back, when a bullet comes into contact with that electric field it will become charged and it will increase the diamagnetic field of the bullet which will then be charged even more and deflected by the magnetic field around you which will be the same polarity. this would actually work better with a static electric field. but IDK.  The idea is to first charge then repel the bullet.

If anybody even remotely understood my theory please leave a comment or idea to improve this force field. Also if you know of how any science fiction movie force fields work please tell me maybe it could be useful.