This is out there and I may be wrong on some things but please give read

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Ok what I'm about to talk about can be a theory or a science fiction but anyway it is scientifically proven that we think 500-600 word per minute which means we think 5,256,000 words in a year at macks now think of this static that we see and hear on are TV's and radios has been hear since the big bang which gives us a connection to the vary begging and every thing produces radio waves so tectonically we are all connected to this static and the fact with modification we are surrounded by more and more static every day which leads to a possibility that are thoughts have been traveling thru time interconnecting with past and future people and life forms and since just one tone of a letter can send your thoughts into a completely different direction which is brainwashing and if just one person had this ability could control unintentionally the entire thoughts of all time