Portals could they be natural?

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Portals could they be natural?
« on: 25/04/2013 00:44:47 »
Indeed portals actual flipping portals, they have happened naturally ever sense earth got its magnetosphere. You see there is something that happens in the space around earth, called magnetic reconnection. look it up here on this link so you know what that is.

this is pretty much what NASA has to say about it.

that was about reconnection on the sun but they happen on the earth too.
now during magnet reconnection, magnetic lines overlap and disconnect a magnetic ring its sucked backward by the rapidly reseeding magnetic lines called an x-point that acts like a vortex gun effect but with magnets.  But they rapidly impode themselves creating a solar storm but on rare occasion a magnetic ark line is caught in the middle and it will stay open, if you could ionize some air or something around it. then it would rapidly heat up and cause electrons to rapidly orbit it if it were strong enough. then it would have a Whirlpool effect on gravity because of those electrons orbiting at high speed. and possibly connect with another magnetic reconnection spinning in the opposite direction possibly on the other side of the earth or possibly Jupiter or the sun any place that's nearby with a strong magnetosphere

I was looking at some UFO videos and came across by accident the exact description of what one were to look like if it were opened on earth!
here ore the links

On this first video skip to 6:47 if you don't want to watch the hole video on UFOs.

the ones that are like shimiring light rings are not ufos they are portals in the sky that happen naturally but are somewhat rare especially one opening in the Atmosphere.  but you need It to in be the air in-order to get a wormhole so that electrons can orbit it.  think of it as a sort of travel tunnel, what if we could use such a technology to go to other planets or warp any were you want.

I have developed a theory that I think may actually induce 2 portals for real, it involves a large electro-magnetic orb it would have to be covered by a superconductor coil or rings going all the way around it forming
in a ball with a funnel opening some where along its magnetic equator. superconductors would require refrigerant and all the stuff that goes along with that.
and it may need to be disconnected in between to strong attracting magnets but that's pretty much it you would bent the magnetic lines in a perfect enough way to make a  portal ring to bend gravity in the air into a vortex just make 2 of these, a second one spinning in the opposite direction and you can travel between them as long as the superconductor coil/ring funnels are facing each other.

I really need a physics guy to validate if this could be true or not if there is any way this could or could not be possible. if your not that big of a physics guy feel free to comment/post whatever comes to mind, to anyone who reads this please I insist leave a comment.
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