Why isn't Paranormal investigated from a Scientific prespective?

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I am a first time poster here, and would like to say after browsing a bit, I'm glad to see such diverse topics of discussion! I am a believer in most things the average public would call me crazy or just plain stupid for believing in.

Aliens visiting this planet in more dimensions than one,
Undiscovered species living here,
governmental cover-ups and on and on.

And also ghosts. Now, from a scientific point of view I know, show me the proof! Right? well I agree. So for the sake of argument let's call this a hypothetical conversation assuming ghosts do in fact exist.
From most scientifically presented evidence of ghosts is usually the same, Cold spots, abnormal EMF readings, ultra-violet and infra-red spectrum anomalies, and the person feeling "cold electricity" through out their bodies. Okay that's fine. we have SOME KIND of idea what these 'ghosts' do and what's going on with this 'evidence' So why can't we use this evidence _assuming_ it is real, and maybe use it to help solve some other problems we are having?

1. IF ghosts do exist they are in another dimension. Could learning more about this help us with string-theory? and the dimensions in the mathematics?

2. "cold electricity" and EMF anomalies. If we could learn more about what this exactly is and what is causing it would it help us understand exactly what kind of other energies there is that we don't yet fully understand?

3. Ghosts float. Why? How these beings seem to not be effected by gravity. Could understanding why, help us identify more mathematically sound understanding of what gravity actually is?
4. EVPs (electronic Voice Phenomena) these ghosts are known to communicate on radio frequencies. How is this possible?? could we use it to prove other dimensions actually exist?

So many questions and I don't feel the scientific community is doing enough research into this issue.
I think that IF ghosts ARE real, we could use it to help us solve many other problems we have with physics and countless other aspects of this mysterious world we live in. Thanks for reading, and please, I would love to hear everyone's opinions on this matter. - Nicholas


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EVPs (electronic Voice Phenomena) these ghosts are known to communicate on radio frequencies. How is this possible??

EVP are the audio equivalent of the Rorschach inkblot test , i.e. pareidolia , not ghosts.
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