Cosmic hyper speed.

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Cosmic hyper speed.
« on: 28/04/2013 08:18:48 »
That's right, real wormhole like hyper speed.  Now I don't want to blind people with science, I want to explain it in a way that everyone can understand but bear in mind that it's not like portals, wormholes or hyper speed is a simple subject.
this article is part factual astronomy in the news and part theory/experiment.

O.k. lets start out slow. to start, I think I know of a way to make 2 miniature portals in the lab, but I will get in to that ones you know a little more how its done.  I base my design on a natural cosmic occurrence know as magnetic reconnection.  Look at the video link to get an Idea of what magnetic reconnection is.

It is important to note the disconnected magnetic bolt that is ejected from the sun
known as a solar storm, that bolt is a very important part of my portal design.
It's basically magnetic energy without a physical body, a magnetic field without a magnet. It flies through space at high speed

When this bolt hits the earth, it causes a different type of magnetic reconnection which I like to call magnetic disconnection.  When this happens energy is released and particles hit the poles and create auroras. BUT on rare occasion an unusual link is formed between the sun and earth, a bridge, a hyper space tunnel, wormhole or portal. Don't believe that, look at this video link.

to me this is pretty interesting stuff, I think that the idea of portals being real is cool.
I don't clam to understand for a fact how these portals work or form nobody really does, but that doesn't mean I cant mimic it. I mean to recreate a magnetic reconnection in a laboratory on a small scale, which means I will also make a tiny solar storm as described in the first video.

I hope I am understood at this point, all I'm trying to do is make a magnetic reconnection in the lab and this is how I plan to do it. Believe it or not Its quite a simple experiment.

Part one
Imagine a large steel/iron magnetic ball, an orb that is made of magnetic metal, this ball represents the sun.  Inside this ball are a lot of layers of steel orbs wrapped in copper coil. fitting inside each other like Russian dolls.  The purpose of this machine is to make a very strong ball shaped electro-magnet, exactly like the earth or sun. Its hooked up to an electrical power source which can be adjusted by a nob.
Its just an electromagnetic ball that's all.

part two
This part is made of "superconductor" rings charged up by the orb.  superconductors are essential but many people have never heard of them, anyway superconductors have the ability to generate a "perfect diamagnetic field" which completely blocks magnetic fields around them. These superconductor rings will cover the magnetic orb completely except at an funnel opening along the equator. Magnetic pressure will form in-between the magnetic orb and the superconductor rings, which will only be able to escape through the small funnel opening which will bend the magnetic fields in just the right way to create a magnetic reconnection when you turn up the power.

Just think of an orange cut it into slices and carefully remove the
peels to get different sized rings. the superconductor rings are just like that and they cover the magnetic orb, except there is a funnel opening along the equator. on the end of the rings.

part three
the magnetic reconnection made by the magnetic orb covered by superconductor rings it will shoot out a miniature solar storm which only has to hit a magnetic target
to mimic what happens when portals form. plus if I cant make portals with this thing I would still have a solar storm cannon that could destroy any satellite at will and make it look like the sun did it.

this "solar storm cannon" would probably be pretty big like a battle ship gun but how knows maybe you could make it smaller to make a plasma ball gun or portal gun.

if you point this cannon at Jupiter or something with a magnetic field then you could open a magnetic portal, which you could pass through but it would be really hot inside you might need some kind of heat/radiation shield otherwise you might burn up.

Check this out if in fact you managed to open up a portal on earth what would it look like?  It is essentially a condensed magnetic ring charging up particles in the air which would look similar to aurora lights just in a ring shape if you look up portal sightings on YouTube you'll see exactly that! apparently that's what portals look like
look 6 minutes and 40 seconds in on this video link its pretty awesome looking, though the video maker had it mistaken for an alien UFO I'm pretty shore that's the kind of portal I'm trying to make. I don't mean to be discredited by ending with UFO stuff but don't mind the culture surrounding it. It's pretty good video footage, useful for providing proof that this could work for real.

LOOK 6:40 IN  (best footage)

In this next video this UFO Mexican guy talks about them and other sightings

Also I would like to have this as a starting point for a thread, its hard to find anyone who likes to talk about wormholes/portals. or at least leave a comment.