Must brain development be a trade off?

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Must brain development be a trade off?
« on: 01/05/2013 12:30:01 »
Brittany Lewis  asked the Naked Scientists:
Are we able to exercise all parts of our brains in order to be good at everything, or is there a trade off where some parts must be larger than others? Must we choose to be better at one thing over another?

For example, people typically have more developed regions of the brain depending on the type of work they do (such as the taxi cab drivers) or have one hemisphere that's maybe a little more developed than the other. Is there an ideal brain that is feasible to obtain that would allow for creativity, linear thinking, and other types of thinking that can all work together to help with things like problem solving, or must we choose to be better at one type of thinking over the other?

Thank you!

Brittany Lewis

What do you think?
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