Is homosexuality determined in the womb?

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Is homosexuality determined in the womb?
« on: 01/05/2013 19:30:02 »
Brian asked the Naked Scientists:
I am a regular lsterner to 702 on Fridays but am never able to get through the congested lines to ask this question.

There seems to be increasing evidence from various researchers that homosexuality is determined in the womb rather being a personal choice.

Could you tell your followers what evidence there actually is and how convincing it is.

What do you think?
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Re: Is homosexuality determined in the womb?
« Reply #1 on: 02/05/2013 12:50:35 »
We could do experiment and play some abba to the baby in the womb and ultra-scan to see if it dances.  I have read about the testosterone levels developed in pregnancy affecting finger length and this can sometimes statistically be related to homosexuality.  Does not seem correct to me, I imagine will be combination of genes and life experience.
With the persecution  of such behaviours  over the years, I find it hard to imagine it being personal choice. Some people like carrots, some cabbage, does it matter which? It is not like we need more reproduction of the human gene. More gayness could save this planet! And leave more women for me to be rejected by! I pray for gay.