Good news for a change!

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Good news for a change!
« on: 14/05/2013 22:11:39 »
Some people have it easy in life, others incredibly hard. Most of us fall in-between. I tend to be on the hard side of the spectrum due to "poor construction" (bad back, etc)!   ;D

Today was a good day. Not only did I hear that Ozzy Osborne is touring with Black Sabbath but I got a message on my answering machine from the licensing board. I filed a complaint regarding a nurse who quite literally tormented me when I was in the ER suffering from horrific levels of pain, depression and suicidal ideations. She thought I was drug seeking so she thought that it was her job to badger me for some reason. I repeatedly begged her to stop yelling but she refused and kept pointing the bony finger in my face. It was brutal. The board finally called to talk to me about it. I was worried that Id be ignored again like I was when I complained to the hospital. Ive been worried that if I ignored it and she tormented someone else who was suicidal and it pushed them over the edge that Id be responsible if I ignored it and did nothing. Feels good to know its being taken very seriously.

Just thought Id share that.