What treatments are available for glandular fever?

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Marilyn Bawden  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Blood tests show that my daughter Sharon age 41years is suffering from "re-active glandular fever".

We don't know when she suffered the initial bout. We do remember that when she was in her late teens she was very fatigued for many weeks. Subsequently she suffered a similar episode whilst living in the UK and then a few years ago back here in South Africa .

In March this year the symptoms of severe fatigued reoccurred. Blood tests reveal that she has re active Glandular Fever. Her Doctor ordered that she should have 4 vitamin B injections over a period of 4 weeks. She was also given a tonic to take.

Over the past 4 weeks she has experienced high temperatures, headaches, sore throat, very painful glands particularly in her groin. She is of the opinion that the vitamin B injections have added to the severity of her symptoms and has decided not to have the 4th injection.

Her Doctor has said that as Glandular Fever is a virus, she needs to rest and wait for the symptoms to subside. Is there any form of treatment that can be given to help her back to full health and strength?

She is single, lives a lone and has a very demanding job. Tuesday was the first day sick leave day she has taken in over 15years.

What do you think?
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