Are invisibility cloaks possible?

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Are invisibility cloaks possible?
« on: 20/06/2013 21:19:52 »
A team in Singapore have developed an invisibility cloak that can hide goldfish and cats...

Read the whole story on our website by clicking here

 [chapter podcast=1000399 track=13.06.13/Naked_Scientists_Show_13.06.13_1000888.mp3] or Listen to the Story[/chapter] or [download as MP3]
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Re: Are invisibility cloaks possible?
« Reply #1 on: 14/06/2013 19:07:50 »
I haven't read the link above as it's taking ten minutes to load a page at the moment due to my slow net connection. What you really want for invisibility is a covering with lots of spherical pits in it acting as pinhole camera/projecters. If the covering is rigid, the equivalent of a retina in each pit would detect light and be able to pass it through to a single pixel in a single pit elsewhere through an unchanging link, and that pixel would then emit as much light of the same colours as hit the original. The more pits used, the better the illusion (or un-illusion, in that you wouldn't see it). At a distance, one centimetre might be sufficient pit resolution, and a person could probably be covered adequately with a couple of square metres, so 20,000 pits be required with perhaps a similar number of pixels each. That would require 400 million connections between pixels, although the wiring could obviously be simplified by timesharing the wires. It strikes me that this should really be quite a trivial thing to build these days.


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Re: Are invisibility cloaks possible?
« Reply #2 on: 15/06/2013 14:53:11 »
Yes the invisibility cloaks are actual and real, ( though they do not make people or objects disappear, they bend light ) and they are being used, and developed further, by Defense Research and Development Canada, one of the companies involved with the program, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp., the U.K. and the U.S. as far as the owner of the textiles company has commented on.
It's amazing technology, which the company has termed 'Quantum Stealth'.  Following it in some detail again a few weeks ago, as it was at least back in 2004 and up to and including/ongoing a few years ago it was full on into R&D, well I read into it as much as I could find and as much as there is spoken out to the general public and media, ( without going right on down to the company, based out of an old school in a suburb in lower mainland British Columbia)
Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp., has been designing the textiles for quite a number countries digital CADPAT, and deceptex transitional camouflages'.

Apparently there are a few methods of the quantum stealth technology, one being electrically circuited and operated, another with the materials in the fabric that bend light around it, other that 'cloak' in other wavelength spectrum's like infrared, thermal, night vision, micro-wave, gamma-wave, through out the spectrum's,  another with ( as mentioned ) billions of pix-elated continous digital photo/video and projection 'cells' (for the lack of the actual term), another using the mentioned "white rabbit" method of mathematical formulated digital pattern disruption algorithms in the textile fabric itself.
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Re: Are invisibility cloaks possible?
« Reply #3 on: 15/06/2013 18:24:34 »
Quote from: thedoc
............invisibility cloak that can hide goldfish and cats...

Well at least they have been fair, not at all one-sided.

I can just imagin the cat sat by the fish bowl.......

If brains were made of dynamite, I wouldn't have enough to blow my nose.



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« Reply #4 on: 18/06/2013 17:07:09 »
You guys make it really hard to see the invisible cat when the dropbox is denied and this is my third attempt at a comment because the first two were denied and then was unable to 'Go Back'!!
Just let me see the video.  Please.