Magic and Science, where is the dividing line?

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Magic and Science, where is the dividing line?
« on: 22/06/2013 11:46:11 »
Throughout time advanced technology to the primitive seems Devine or Magical.  Technology is available to everyone within predictable constraints.  We are comfortable knowing that not everyone has access to true Magic where a thought could become reality.  Universal access to true Magic equates to chaos.  Access to true Magic seems then to have arcane constraints and may in fact just be an advanced form of technology.  What form of technology would allow you to alter matter, create gold from lead, change a person into a bunny, levitate, or transport themselves from one location to another? What personal mechanism would allow that access? In the tales we hear of motions with the hands and incantations and wands.  If you read the accounts you notice the incantations like "fire" or " change" or "rise up" are just those words in a foreign language like Latin or Celtic or  such, just unintelligible to most people - no magic there.  Perhaps the real constraint is the barrier between our conscious and unconscious selves.  Perhaps the incantation is a direct way to communicate with our unconscious self.  The unconscious self may have the power to access true Magic and the goal of the Magus is to become sensitive to this connection.  Have you ever tossed some thing carelessly, but it landed exactly where you intended it to land?  If you tried on purpose to land it there it would have taken much practice, rather you've just experienced communication with and the magic of your inner self.  The goal of the Magus is then to do something intentionally, unintentionally.  As a "technology"  it has to have energy to function, from whence this access?  Texts on telepathy, telekinesis, and such ask you to envision a ball of infinite energy upon which to draw power.  What if this were not much off the mark?  What if the subconscious  could tap into infinite energies, control them, and limit them perhaps from a different dimension? Then allowing an open channel to those energies would allow energy bolts.  Opening a channel, but limiting the energy to a quantum space would create a gravity well, to bend space, to transport from one location to another.  Several gravity wells used interactively could be used to alter matter, change DNA structure, levitate objects.  What if we were not made just in the image of God?  It is good that we do not yet know ourselves. 


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Re: Magic and Science, where is the dividing line?
« Reply #1 on: 22/06/2013 17:45:48 »
The dividing line would be where the magic is able to have any real consequences, as there would surely be unintended and unpredictable consequences. So unless the magic is a fully formed science, able to control its outcomes perfectly, it would be indistinguishable from chaos.