What is "dry eye" and could Lasik cause it?

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What is "dry eye" and could Lasik cause it?
« on: 04/07/2013 00:26:55 »
A lady I met today (my new accountant)* suffers from "dry eye", an apparently (she says) not-unheard-of consequence of Lasik, other than to me. I'd never heard that this was a worry. I can see how tissue scaring that blocked fluid flow could starve cells, maybe. Are the eyes actually dry or is part of the surface of the eye (maybe a bump?) tired of being blinked on?

Later I wondered if a whole-eye contact lens of some hydrophilic gel might help.

*I looked at her computer display and recommended she check into larger, better screens (showed her my MacBook retina display and she liked it). She's running Windows. I'll have her onto Mac before the Christmas sales start.  ;D  One more Applenut in the making.