Should we create a Critical Idea Permeability Index?

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Should we create a Critical Idea Permeability Index?

I advocate free speech and an unfettered Internet.  I am concerned that both are threatened by popular negative reactions to controversial ideas.  I see the vox populi of many countries responding to controversial  ideas espoused on the Internet with a consensus to ban free speech on the Internet.  Their outrage over the idea instigates a vociferous explosion of sentiment that paradoxically spreads the very idea they lambaste. I fear we are creating value in negativity and controversy.  I sense an opportunity to both educate those with little experience in free speech and create a value system to encourage the spread of good ideas, discourage the bad.

I envision a calculus for a Critical Idea Permeability Index (CIPI) for an idea, where the CIPI = total tweets + total retweets + total number of searches + total number of IP's on which idea is seen + total nr of routers + total nr of servers + total nr of YouTube entries containing idea + total nr of public emails + total nr of blog pages with idea.  To support the CIPI entries would have a suitability weight as to whether the entry matches the idea and a fitness score for how positive or negative the karma of the idea. 

An index engine would constantly compute the CIPI value for critical ideas.  The index engine would determine the criticality of ideas and maintain a master list of famous or infamous ideas.  A simple CIPI display would merely have an indicator icon the entry has a CIPI.  The main CIPI display would include three values a trend speed, an absolute value, and a karma value.  The trend speed could be color coded as to increase, decrease or neutral and would be a measure of the velocity of the change in overall Internet volume.  The absolute value would be the calculus from above.  The karma indicator would be generated from contextual clues of the entry. 

Would a visible index help people to manage the information flow?  Would it allow them to filter the Internet to view and spread the good critical ideas and discourage the negative critical ideas?  Would an interactive index allow people to see the impact of their entry before submission or before emailing of a critical idea?

Free speech has tools to manage the flow of ideas.  Ideally you want to encourage the spread of good ideas and discourage the spread of bad ones.  Free societies rely on their ability to isolate, ostracize, boycott, ignore, not read, not pass on, social exclusion, and marginalization to prohibit the spread of bad ideas.  Spreading an idea increases its apparent value, profitability, validity, longevity, momentum, and public buy-in. 

I am happy when good ideas spread widely, "electric light", "worldwide web", "Cancer cures".   I am dismayed when negative ideas such as "images of the Koran burning" spread far and wide, a spread instigated by the very people it offends.  I would like for people to have a measure demonstrably showing them the value of ostracizing negative ideas as opposed to adding value to bad ideas.