The Last Big Bang Theory On The End Of The Universe

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Abstract; The Universe has been existing for nearly 14 billion years. What is the ultimate fate of the Universe? Many possible fates are predicted by many scientists. According to the theory of eternal inflation the time itself will end in just 5 billion years. Some theories predicted the ultimate fate of the Universe will be a horrible end. Example, the Big Freeze,  the Big Rip ,the Big Crunch and extension of the Big Crunch Hypothesis , the Big Bounce. These theories are not a mere idle speculation. But I am trying to formulate a new theory based on the findings and assumptions of these theories.I think I got a good base. I can firmly predict that the ultimate fate of the Universe is not  an end but a beginning, it means through the Last Big Bang, the present Universe will be transformed as three Universes- one is the Hollow Universe, another is the Plasma Universe and the third is the White Universe.Some scientists may join with me because they think that the universe will end in Big Crunch. It means that the Universe will contract until it  does not exist any more." That will be followed by a Big Bang and a new universe will begin." I am sure that the Last Big Bang is coming.I think that it is not very far from us. It is coming. But I have a good news. After the Last Big Bang it begins Infinite Eras and Eternal Universes.The Hollow Universe will be a universe of the  transformed Black Holes and Black Stars. All the existing Black Holes will not undergo Hawking  Radiation. The Black Holes which withstand Hawking Radiation will be unified and it will come out as a new universe named the Hollow Universe. The Plasma Universe will be a unification of transformed plasmas  and the plasmas which are yet to be born, which will be similar to sun. An absolutely different universe will come out after the Last Big Bang  named the White Universe. This will be a new world of White Planets. This Universes will be the fine product of New Quantum Fluctuations. It will be the reverse of White Holes.Due to the aforesaid transformations phenomena like No Information, No Relativity and No Physics will come out and therefore physics will disappear forever. This theory is a powerful combination of  the General Relativity Theory and the Quantum Theory. ( An accepted paper by the European Journal of Scientific Research and the 7 the top most paper of this week by the Weekly Digest) Please