"The light-saber!"

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"The light-saber!"
« on: 19/07/2013 00:50:53 »
                                The Light Saber


YES! The all mighty light saber! One of the most bad ass weapons of all time and I believe I know how to make one! truthfully!  My Idea for a light saber will look much different then the sword you see in the movies, the "handle" will be very large at first but I bet with more time it can get smaller.

what you need is 8 lasers and 8 convex lenses, to form an apprentice similar to this


basically the 8 pulsed lasers are placed to form a ring which you hold as a handle, the beams travel up the handle but pass through "convex lenses" in the picture this lens is called a "condense lens" basically the laser focuses in on it self and at the "x-point" were the laser is at it's most intense the beam is powerful enough to strip electrons from the air and forms an anion in the air illustrated by the plasma ball in the picture.

The plasma ball is a anion which means that it is positively charged, you make plasma orbs with all 8 of the pulsed lasers in the way I described but you position the laser produced plasma orbs in a straight line going up 1 to 3 inches away from each other
like this.







                                                                + <<< plasma orb

                                                               |   |
                                                               |   |
                                                               |   |
                                                               |_ | <<<handle made with 8 lasers

The 8 pulsed lasers use lenses and mirrors to focus the beams in on themselves to strip electrons from the air in 8 spots going in a line to make 8 positive plasma orbs.

now you have a stick with 8 positive plasma orbs floating above it, this is the most important part of the sword, this forms a frame that the actual energy beam will follow.

Next all you do is get a conductive metal ball and put it on top of the handle and pump electricity into it and a lot of it too, basically make a Tesla coil and have the plasma discharge at the tip of the handle. The plasma discharge will be negative and the lightning will be attracted to the positive plasma orbs made by the lasers and the lightning discharge from the Tesla coil will travel in a straight line, sort of like connect the dot but with lightning.

the laser "pulse" and the Tesla coil "frequency" need to be in sync for this to work.

In the Tesla coil the more voltage you have, the longer your blade can be. The more amps you have the "fatter" your blade can be.

you need more powerful lasers to make more powerful plasma balls in-order to keep the Tesla coil's lightning on track if your plasma orbs are not strong enough then the blade will stray in the form of lightning if the orbs are ether to weak or too placed apart.

what happens is this.

the + represents the positive laser produced plasma and the - represents the negative plasma of the Tesla coil this opperation is "pulsed" a few times per second.
and you get a "lightning plasma sword" which uses lasers and electricity.

but you do need it to be "plugged in" because there is no way to store that kind of power in a hand held device even if you made this in staff or scepter form.

amazing theory that I came up with but it involves so much science that I have had a hard time communicating it, I hope you "the viewer" understood what I was talking about and if it violates any law of physics or ig you just want to comment let me know in the reply section below.
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