electron magnet

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electron magnet
« on: 21/07/2013 12:12:45 »
I need to get something straight about physics that I hope someone could answer.

It deals with electricity and Ions, when something is positivity Ionized that means that it has less electrons then the atoms need so it draws them in from around the atom.

If something  is negatively charged that means that the atoms have more electrons then they need so they throw them out ward. as represented by this model.

If you put the too together you get lightning,  but this is my question, if something is constantly positively charged then would that mean that its more conductive? I mean it's practically an electricity magnet right?

but what if electrons can be harvested in some way by positively ionizing something and drawing in electrons from the surroundings. it could mean free energy, I mean everything has electrons even you and me so why cant we harvest them from anything we want? for the most part it's pretty easy to get electricity out of a lot of things like magnets and chemicals even light or heat. But why cant you just suck up electricity like a vacuum off of anything, the electrons are there but how can you collect them?

I think of the whole Idea is possible, imagine a material, a stone that is positively Ionized and imagine it just attracting in negative stray electrons like a magnet and use the material as a battery or something like that. Wouldn't that be awesome?
that material might be the future who knows.