Universe summed up

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Universe summed up
« on: 27/07/2013 14:00:20 »
Motion, there are many kinds of motion. Heat for example is a kind of motion. It's an atom vibrating back and forth.  If you stop that kind of motion then everything falls apart or rather comes together.

An experiment was done using lasers to remove virtually all the heat from a few atoms (stopping their internal motion) and as a result something strange happened the atom's nuclei all "clumped together" into a new state of matter called a "Boise-Einstein condensate" also called BEC.  look it up it's quite strange.

if there was no motion then there would be no heat and without heat everything would instantly clump together into a single point. It's weird I know I honestly don't believe it my self but it is excepted science.

But imagine it, a ball containing everything in the universe and it's about the size of a grain of sand or even smaller.  imagine the gravity of this thing, it would be like a super black hole and I bet that it's gravity would be so great that it would crush all the nuclei inside, causing the whole thing to implode and convert all the atoms in the universe back into energy(light/heat/motion)

I think that this was the cause of the big bang. and eventually this will be the fate of our universe

eventually all the hydrogen in the universe will be turned into heavier atoms and there would be no more fuel for more stars to be born and without any stars there will be no more heat and everything will turn into the BEC state and the singular point will form with the scenario mentioned earlier, causing a new big bang. this is a perpetual cycle that goes on potentially forever.

The big bang was not the beginning and there is no end the universe goes through a perpetual cycle.