How does ambient lighting affect shiftworkers?

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How does ambient lighting affect shiftworkers?
« on: 29/07/2013 04:30:02 »
Allan Drew  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi there, My name is Allan Drew and at present I work as a diesel fitter at an open cut coal mine in Queensland, Australia.

This morning I was listening to a programme that was discussing the negative effects on the brain due to blue light affecting our circadian rhythms.

As I do shift work, and this tends to be 1 week on/off, with every 2nd swing being a night shift. In this I work in a workshop which has very bright overhead lighting and the use of led head mounted and wand type led worklights.

As is usual, we have 2 x 1/2 hr breaks over the 12 hr shift in a room with the usual fluro lights. I was wondering whether or not there is available in the normal arena, lights that have the blueish colour that keeps one more alert.

Also when one goes back to camp to sleep, a lot of the rooms are starting to fit the cost effective lighting, and I thinking this may have the same effect of waking one up rather than helping sleep.

I general terms I am asking if you guys and girls have done any studies in this area and where I might find published results?

I have also heard and understood I think that affecting the circadium rhythm also has internal effects on our organs to different degrees which is part of the greater problem of doing nightshifts.

Cheers, Allan.

What do you think?
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