Being suckered in more ways than one

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Being suckered in more ways than one
« on: 30/07/2013 13:05:15 »
Re:  AFP "cupping" video @ 0:02

In that YouTube video the alternative therapist , (who looks like she's had a lot of conventional medicine applied to her face),
 says so we're going to get rid of all the oxygen @ 0:02

Correct me if Im wrong but thats bollocks : the air in the cups is being just being heated with a hot rock, not having its oxygen removed. When hot the air cools in the sealed cup it becomes lower than atmospheric pressure, causing the suction. 
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Re: Being suckered in more ways than one
« Reply #1 on: 30/07/2013 15:33:00 »
Absolutely RD, a load of old cobblers. Later in the clip a Chinese 'doctor' uses the flame of a bunsen burner to heat the air in the cup. This flame may well exhaust the oxygen as it heats the air, but a hot stone would not have the same effect. As you say, it would expand the air, yes, but not expel the oxygen.

Some of these Chinese remedies do seem to have the desired effect, but so far as I can see, much of it is a load of old tosh.

One thing I would point out to practioners and recipients of Chinese medicine, is that according to the purist practioner, the experts, as it is related to Buddhism, NO ANIMAL PARTS should EVER be used in Chinese medicine.

Rhino horn (used as a 'cure-all', not an aphrodisiac, as per the popular misconception) has NO EFFECT whatsoever. In fact, Rhino horn is not horn at all, it is hair. The exact same result (or rather non-result) could be obtained by using the sweepings from a barbers shop floor.

So, if you go to a Chinese medicine shop, would you please ask them why they intsigate the slaughter of Rhino, Tiger and a host of other creatures (such as the many species of Sea Horse they have rendered extinct), in contradiction to REAL Chinese medicine.

Might I also suggest that you boycott all such establishments until the day they learn to respect animal life.
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