Gravity does not exist.

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Gravity does not exist.
« on: 01/08/2013 16:19:03 »
The reason gravity is proving so hard to find is that it does not exist. This doesn't mean to say that things don't fall to the ground - what I am saying is that things appear to fall to the ground. On a larger scale we can look at the orbit of the Moon for instance. Now I'm suggesting that a rock in motion the size of the moon -will only ever travel in a straight line. Let's call that line A-B where the moon travels along a distance represented by A-B. When the moon arrives at point B, this point has relocated to point C by virtue of the spce collapsing nature of the Mass of the Earth. If we repeat this point relocation process over and over again we see that space has warped into a circle around the Earth that we've named the Moon's orbit. In fact the moon is trapped forever in a loop beginning and ending at point A. This circular route suggest some kind of force (gravity) is effecting the moon when in reality it is warped space generated by the presence of Mass that creates this illusion.  For a clarifying diagram see