Can seizures cause joint dislocation?

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Can seizures cause joint dislocation?
« on: 02/08/2013 12:30:03 »
Joe D Marshall  asked the Naked Scientists:
I've been listening to the show for years (via the podcast) and never miss an episode! Thanks for a great programme.

Here is my question: I have a friend who experiences seizures occasionally while sleeping. These occur every few weeks or months, and each time he dislocates one or both of his shoulders. After several surgical repairs, his doctors fear they may have to fuse his arms in specific places to prevent any more damage. Why is he dislocating his shoulders, and is there anything that can be done to prevent this? Also, could he could get some sort of prosthetic shoulder replacement, rather than fusing his arms and reducing his range of motion?

Thanks for any information that may help my friend!

Joey Marshall
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

What do you think?
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Re: Can seizures cause joint dislocation?
« Reply #1 on: 02/08/2013 22:06:51 »
Dislocations are very rare, because classic tonic seizure activity is contractual or adductive movement, toward the central axis.  Shoulder dislocation is typically hyper-extension pass the limits of the supporting socket joint.  Widen the Dx list of rule/outs.   Not classic T/C seizures or reverse socket dislocations.   Great grand-rounds case.   Tecvia


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Re: Can seizures cause joint dislocation?
« Reply #2 on: 02/08/2013 22:40:15 »
Possibly a syndrome with hypermobility and seizures ? , e.g. ...
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