Does milk nullify the benefits of green tea?

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Does milk nullify the benefits of green tea?
« on: 04/08/2013 09:30:01 »
"Slack, Steve"  asked the Naked Scientists:
Milk in green tea:
Setting aside the comment "milk in green tea?  That's disgusting!", does putting a tiny amount of milk in green tea nullify all the benefits green tea provides?
I have seen some studies that say the milk cancels out the anti-oxidants in green tea, but they seem to have done the studies with a large proportion of milk in the cup, rather than a small drop..
Personally I don't like the taste of green tea and find it stains my teeth, but putting a drop of milk in makes it more palatable and keeps my teeth cleaner!
Would be interesting to hear your view!
Steve Slack

What do you think?
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