Feedback on: Why would grass be green under an old car?

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Henry  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Good morning Chris,

I was listening to you on Redi's show in South Africa. I was intrigued by the question regarding browning of grass under and next to a stationary car. I have noticed this as well and have watched it. My observations are that in summer the grass under the car does not receive adequate water and dies. If it is directly watered (as opposed only receiving water from rain) then it does not die completely.

The predominant grass in South African gardens is Kikuyu. In cold conditions this grass becomes dormant and brown no matter what water it receives. Hence the winter brown. The grass under the car is protected from the worst of the cold and so retains some of the green colour. As an experiment I put a cover over a section of Gulf Green grass which does not become dormant in our climate. The covered grass became thin
and somewhat yellow. The exposed portion was green throughout winter.


What do you think?
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