Feedback: Where do weevils in beans come from?

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Feedback: Where do weevils in beans come from?
« on: 05/08/2013 10:30:01 »
Alan Urban  asked the Naked Scientists:
Adult beetles, 3-4 mm long, called Bean Weevil and Cowpea Weevil, both lay very small eggs on ripening pods of various legumes, and on dried legume seeds, in the field, as well as in storage facilities.

So the dried-beans one buys are sometimes already infested. The larvae develop within the dried-bean seeds, even in more-or-less air-tight storage containers, and the adult weevils emerge through small holes on the seeds.

Companies that store and sell dried-beans may fumigate the seeds to kill the weevil eggs, before they package the beans in plastic bags for sale. Once packaged in plastic bags, the dried-beans normally remain free of weevils during air-tight storage.


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