Does omega-3 affect macular degeneration?

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Does omega-3 affect macular degeneration?
« on: 06/08/2013 16:30:01 »
Kate de Courcy  asked the Naked Scientists:
Here, as 'phoned in at about 18.20/18.25, is the piece from 31/7/13 'Inside Health' (Radio 4) broadcast.  I am not asking again re. prostate cancer risks, but re. AMD [macular degeneration].

Porter: so fish oil supplements and Omega-3 supplements are among the most common supplements taken in the UK, there may be people out there who have been concerned about this link with prostate cancer, what would you say to them?
McCartney: Well I wouldn't be stopping them on the basis of this particular study.  However, I think it would question whether or not they do any good in the first place because of lots of really good quality evidence that says actually Omega-3 taken as a supplement don't do us any good.

So there's been big studies looking at the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, sudden death, all-cause mortality - all types of death - not showing a reduction, we've had a big Cochrane review looking at Omega-3s and dementia - no evidence that it prevented dementia.  Big study again looking at cancer risk - no evidence of reducing risk with Omega-3s.  

So if you're going to take Omega-3s I have to say there's no evidence for doing so.
Porter: So your advice would be not to worry too much about stopping them but to give serious consideration as to whether you should be on them in the first place?
McCartney: Absolutely.

Kate de C.

What do you think?
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