Gold crapping microbes

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Gold crapping microbes
« on: 19/07/2006 22:12:00 »
Thar's gold in them thar microbes
CNN Thursday, July 13, 2006;
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Researchers in Australia have uncovered evidence that a tiny microbe may have the Midas touch of Greek legend, capable of turning dust to gold.

Findings reported in the July 14 issue of the U.S.-based magazine "Science" suggest a bacteria known as Ralstonia metallidurans may play a key role in creating gold nuggets and grains

Full story:

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Re: Gold crapping microbes
« Reply #1 on: 20/07/2006 05:20:15 »
Be Serious!

The common bacteria bacillus cereus is found in most soils.  It has long been used by explorationists as an indicator for metallic mineral deposits, as it can defend itself against the toxic materials released by such deposits, particularly gold and copper deposits.  Areas with high soil concentrations of B cereus and low concentrations of other soil bacteria are common hundreds to even thousands of feet above large deposits.

I've also seen research that suggests that humic acid may play a role in taking gold into solution- perhaps it's not the acid, rather bacteria or fungus associated with organic decomposition.

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