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interdisciplinary science forums
« on: 09/08/2013 21:06:00 »
I was wondering if anyone knew a place on the internet where people discuss science and technology topics that are interdisciplinary. I would like a place where people actually read the books that are brought up and are capable of genuinely discussing the material inside those books. I'm currently working on material that is included within the following publications. I want to apply the material in them to actual simulations or chemical lab experiments (if necessary). I cannot simply sit alone in a room and just read books. I need to "bounce ideas" of those who understand what I am asking and what I am working on.

The materials I am currently working with are listed here:
  • Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines , (Freitas Jr. R.A., Merkle R.C. ), (Landes Bioscience 2004), ISBN-10: 1570596905, ISBN-13: 978-1570596902
  •   Biology's First Law: The Tendency for Diversity and Complexity to Increase in Evolutionary Systems , ( McShea D.W. , Brandon R.N.), (University Of Chicago Press 2010), ISBN-10: 0226562263, ISBN-13: 978-0226562261
  •   Principles of Life , (Ganti, T), ( Oxford University Press USA 2003), ISBN-10: 0198507267, ISBN-13: 978-0198507260
  •   Protocells. Bridging Living and Non-living Matter , (Rasmussen S., Bedau M.A.), ( MIT Press, Nov.2008), ISBN: 9780262182683
  •   Signs Of Life. How Complexity Pervades Biology , (Sole R., Goodwin B. ), (Basic Books, Jan.2002), ISBN-10: 0465019285, ISBN-13: 978-0465019281
  •   Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life , (Rauchfuss H.) , (Springer, Dec.2008) ISBN-10: 3540788220, ISBN-13: 978-3540788225
  •   The Origin of Species , (Darwin, C.), (Barnes & Noble Classics, Dec.2003), ISBN-10: 1593080778, ISBN-13: 978-1593080778

Like to talk to someone who has read at least one of these and is ready to discuss. I would be tickled pink. Thanks.


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Re: interdisciplinary science forums
« Reply #1 on: 10/08/2013 03:28:50 »
I would say that there are many people here that have a significant amount of multidisciplinary knowledge. 

Sometime I'd like to read "The Origin of Species" by Darwin, but it is a lot to expect people to go out and purchase and read a half dozen books.

Perhaps there would be a way to find a Scientific Book Club.