QotW - 13.08.15 - Could other planets make a substance like diamond?

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Could other planets make a substance like diamond? We ask a deep space mining expert.
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this leads me to another thought. diamonds are made from carbon at high heat and pressure so then if a plaint has a high level of carbon with a higher amount of heat and pressure than Earth can we get a  carbon compound harder than diamond? Or is diamond as hard as carbon can get?
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Hello allgoaway, at least by the indentation test there are some materials that appear to be harder than diamond: Harder than Diamond: Superior Indentation Strength of Wurtzite BN and Lonsdaleite

Sometimes very tiny diamonds and lonsdaleite crystals are found in a class of meteorites called ureilites. An unforgettable property to those that have cut slices of such meteorites with diamond saw blades, a very slow and difficult process. This study suggests a shock origin: Transformation of graphite to lonsdaleite and diamond in the Goalpara ureilite directly observed by TEM http://ammin.geoscienceworld.org/content/98/4/574