Employment theory

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Employment theory
« on: 15/08/2013 15:30:55 »
I am jobless like many people and I am tired of it! I need a job yo. I need your help. Most of my readers have jobs currently, all I want to ask you is how did you get that job?

Nothing more nothing less. also if you could put it in the form of a story that would be great.


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Re: Employment theory
« Reply #1 on: 24/08/2013 11:23:02 »
Found a niche that interested me, learned the trade, sold my services.

I think "employment" is going out of fashion. I avoid employing anyone, but I'm always happy to offer specific contracts to the selfemployed experts and labourers whose help I need from time to time, and being a one-man band means I don't have to attend meetings or suffer fools in admin.

The only downside was put to me by a former colleague who said "the day you leave a job and become selfemployed, you will discover how much time your secretary spent queuing at the post office". Fortunately e-mail (a bit clunky in my days as an employee)  and a book of stamps (not allowed in the Civil Service) sorted out that problem.         
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